Thursday, September 30, 2010

hello MV teaser..

i'm listening to SHINee Hello MV teaser.. \(^_^)/

dah besar dah budak-budak ni.. ;)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

hantu grey's via torrent.. hihi..

well, i'm sure lot of people know this already.. but this post is for my dear friend who just join our club.. :) selamat datang ke club donlod mendonlod..hehe..

for the time being my project on grey's anatomy, chuck, supernatural are on hiatus.. hehe.. (i'm not totally immersed only in kpop ok..!) grey's currently on season 7 epi 3, chuck season 4 epi 2, supernatural just started season 6 epi 1.. and bleach (of course..!!) current ep 288.. :)

i definitely love these show and i recommend to all to buy the original dvd.. *iklan* but i'm not a very patient girl..

so, this is how i download via torrent :

1. first, you have to download any torrent software.. either bit torrent or utorrent both are good. this is p2p (peer to peer) software.. with this you will be downloading from other people who is already finish their downloading.

2. then google anything you want to download.. for example xxxmuvie torrent.. there will be a long list of torrent provider..

3. select your torrent file.. download it.. (or you can just open file and allow -on bit torrent)

4. after that just leave it there.. be sure to open and run your torrent software everytime you open you lappy or pc.. some file (eg. movies) can last for 2-3 days.. some maybe need half and hour or so..

5. it is important to select good torrent file.. be sure to pick torrent file with a lot of seeders.. *Seeders - those who give. Leechers - those who take. *

after you done downloading.. if want to download the subtitle.. google any subs you want.. put your subs file (.srt) in a same folder.. change it to same file name as your xxxmuvie.. then you can enjoy watching..

good luck.. (^.^)/

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i'm soooo stress out

it's time to sit down and do my checklist..


i'm so stress out from work..

i got this from somewhere.. it really helps..

Reducing job stress by taking care of yourself
When stress on the job is interfering with your ability to work, care for yourself, or manage your personal life, it’s time to take action. Start by paying attention to your physical and emotional health. When your own needs are taken care of, you’re stronger and more resilient to stress. The better you feel, the better equipped you’ll be to manage work stress without becoming overwhelmed.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t require a total lifestyle overhaul. Even small things can lift your mood, increase your energy, and make you feel like you’re back in the driver’s seat. Take things one step at a time, and as you make more positive lifestyle choices, you’ll soon notice a noticeable difference in your stress level, both at home at work.

Get moving
Aerobic exercise –perspiring -is an effective anti-anxiety treatment lifting mood, increasing energy, sharpening focus and relaxing mind and body. For maximum stress relief, try to get at least 30 minutes of hear pounding activity on most days but activity can be broken up into two or three short segments.

Make food choices that keep you going and make you feel good
Eating small but frequent meals throughout the day maintains an even level of blood sugar in your body. Low blood sugar makes you feel anxious and irritable. On the other hand, eating too much can make you lethargic.

Get enough sleep
Stress and worry can cause insomnia. But lack of sleep also leaves you vulnerable to stress. When you're sleep deprived, your ability to handle stress is compromised. When you're well-rested, it's much easier to keep your emotional balance, a key factor in coping with job and workplace stress.

Reducing job stress by prioritizing and organizing
When job and workplace stress surrounds you, you can’t ignore it, but there are simple steps you can take to regain control over yourself and the situation. Your growing sense of self-control will also be perceived by others as the strength it is, leading to better relationships at work. Here are some suggestions for reducing job stress by prioritizing and organizing your responsibilities.

Time management tips for reducing job stress
Create a balanced schedule. Analyze your schedule, responsibilities, and daily tasks. All work and no play is a recipe for burnout. Try to find a balance between work and family life, social activities and solitary pursuits, daily responsibilities and downtime.
Don’t over-commit yourself. Avoid scheduling things back-to-back or trying to fit too much into one day. All too often, we underestimate how long things will take. If you've got too much on your plate, distinguish between the "shoulds" and the "musts." Drop tasks that aren't truly necessary to the bottom of the list or eliminate them entirely.
Try to leave earlier in the morning. Even 10-15 minutes can make the difference between frantically rushing to your desk and having time to ease into your day. Don’t add to your stress levels by running late.
Plan regular breaks. Make sure to take short breaks throughout the day to sit back and clear your mind. Also try to get away from your desk for lunch. Stepping away from work to briefly relax and recharge will help you be more, not less, productive.

Task management tips for reducing job stress
Prioritize tasks. Make a list of tasks you have to do, and tackle them in order of importance. Do the high-priority items first. If you have something particularly unpleasant to do, get it over with early. The rest of your day will be more pleasant as a result.
Delegate responsibility. You don’t have to do it all yourself, whether at home, school, or on the job. If other people can take care of the task, why not let them? Let go of the desire to control or oversee every little step. You’ll be letting go of unnecessary stress in the process.

Reducing workplace stress by improving emotional intelligence
Even if you’re in a job where the environment has grown increasingly stressful, you can retain a large measure of self-control and self-confidence by understanding and practicing emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage and use your emotions in positive and constructive ways. It's about communicating with others in ways that draw people to you, overcome differences, repair wounded feelings, and defuse tension and stress.

Emotional intelligence in the workplace

Emotional intelligence in the workplace has four major components:

Self-awareness – The ability to recognize your emotions and their impact while using gut feelings to guide your decisions.
Self-management – The ability to control your emotions and behavior and adapt to changing circumstances.
Social awareness – The ability to sense, understand, and react to other's emotions and feel comfortable socially.
Relationship management – The ability to inspire, influence, and connect to others and manage conflict.


Monday, September 27, 2010

selamat pengantin baru ~ Nor Akmal Shahidah

pengalaman pertama sampai ke alor gajah.. akhirnya berpandukan peta dalam kad, sampai jugak umah ida.. umahnya cantik.. pelaminnya dua.. sebabnya kakaknya pun kawin jugak.. (^_^)/ selamat pengantin baru buat kedua-dua mempelai..

semoga berbahagia hingga akhir hayat.. cepat-cepat dapat anak sedara tuk akak.. (^_^)/

Friday, September 24, 2010

what and where i download.. .:~suju and else

currently i'm a little preoccupied downloading anything with suju in it..

upon request.. here is the answer of what and where i download.. in HQ of course (^_^)/
this forum is dedicated for Suju fans from all over the world.. they got almost everything on suju recent appearence and performance on tv.. mostly after 3jib.. you have to register and posted 30 posts to download..

this where EHB and Super Adonis subs goes.. also need to register to live journal account.. EHB you can download it from super-legacy though..:)
other old variety series of suju.. you can use same live journal account..
this is where i download Full House
this where i download strong heart that i love.. :) teukigayo rocks...


Other than suju.. i like watching cute victoria and nichkun in WGM.. but it i hardly finds it on youtube or anywhere else.. i know mostly samgyupsal couple have been subs by 2PM and 2PM forum fansubs.. but it require us to post 75 post before they can allow us to see the donwload link.. huhu.. that was so much.. i love them but i don't think i can do 75 comment on either 2PM or 2AM.. anyone to share doing the comment?? isk2

7 Oktober 2010

now i know where to watch my lovely khuntoria.. and here

now i can download it..(!!) go and love them for 30 post then you can get access to their download link.. *wink wink* .. another fan forum for 2PM and 2AM

i will update if i have more.. hwaiting!! (^_^)/

Thursday, September 23, 2010

pankek bayam..

nampak tak pankek buruk ni.. ?? hehe.. ni namanya pankek bayam atau nama kampungnya cekodok bayam.. hehe.. favourite ni.. sedap (!!) terutamanya bila musim musim tak cukup makan sayur.. (^_^)/

ni resipi tuk tatapan diri sendiri (supaya tak lupa) dan yang ingin mencuba..

bayam (direbus dan ditoskan airnya) - airnya jangan dibuang
tepung gandum
oats (optional)
bawang merah dan putih
ayam @ udang @ ikan bilis @ atau pape la yang available

cara membuatnya:
1. tak yah susah2..campurkan je kesemua bahan.. bayam tu kalau nak blend pun boleh.. kalau tak potong je kecik2 lepas rebus..
2. air rebusan bayam tadi tu boleh buat bancuhan bahan-bahan.. sebabnya bila dah rebus bayam segala vitamin B dan C dah larut dalam air tu.. jadinya rugi kalau buang air tu macam tu je.. :)
3. last skali goreng la cekodok tadi.. seeloknya pakai la non stick pan.. tak de la banyak pakai minyak.. dan tak la muak sangat kalau nak makan banyak.. :)

selamat mencuba..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sarangheyo kim heechul.. ;p

i've been following heechul @heedictactor tweets for a while now..
never realized this is his bio:

사랑해요 김희철
우유빛깔 김희철

it was read as: sarangheyo kim heechul, uyuu pikka kim heechul
meaning : i love you kim heechul, milky white skin kim heechul

anyone who love and watch a lot of suju will know this cheer... :)

location : 꽃밭 ~ flower garden.. taman bunga

i'm not exactly his bias but lol.. this is funny.. it was sooo heechull.. :p

Friday, September 17, 2010

.: I am MUSLIM :.

Salam Idul Fitri

rasanya tak lambat untuk mengucapkan selamat hari raya adilftri.. \(^__^)/

raya tahun ni seperti biasa mengabiskan cuti raya kat kampung.. bila keja kat semenanjung ni.. tabiat tuk balik raya dengan awalnya tak dapat nak lari.. dah bertahun-tahun balik raya seminggu awal.. sebab hajat nak tolong mama buat persiapan raya.. jadi tahun ni pun balik raya awal.. singgah kl dulu amik adik dan husband dia.. bertolak petang sabtu (minggu sebelum raya) dari kl.. singgah gua musang bukak puasa.. trafic sangat clear.. tak rasa plak semangat jem hari raya.. tapi sangat la bersyukur.. :)

ha, kat gua musang ni p bazar ramadhan dia.. ada satu gerai ni jual roti nan.. ni first time aku jumpa gerai roti nan kat bazar ramadhan..roti dia sangat lembut dan sangat sedap.. teringin nak makan lagi.. teringat2 plak.. kat gua musang ni jugak.. ada tempat makan sup yang best.. gerai dia berderet panjang dan hampir semua jual sup.. apa2 jenis sup ada.. dan jugak la sangat sedap.. aku makan mi sup kat sini tuk bukak pose dan lepas ni kalau jalan siang hari.. aku nak buat acara wajib singgah sini tuk makan mi sup :)

tahun ni, seperti tahun-tahun lepas jugak.. kami kat buat kek buah kukus 4 jam, kek lapis bumi, biskut cornflakes (yang ni baru tahun ni rajin buat :p ), ketupat daun palas (dengan bangganya nak kata aku hampir terer membungkus.. hehe.. ), dan tape (tapai).. yang lain2 smua kuih/ kerepek tunjuk.. siap dibeli sedia dimakan.. kerepek aku beli kat batu pahat ni.. kan glemer batu pahat banyak kerepek.. hmm tapi rasanya bukan semua yang sedap.. tempat yang aku beli, hmmm sangat kurang kualiti rasa dia.. tak best.. lain kali nak kena p beli kat kilang dia yang orang duk sebut sedap..

sekarang dah start keja.. lepas 10 hari ( 5 hari cuti rehat, 2 hari cuti raya, 3 hari cuti sabtu/ahad) bercuti.. harapnya semangat raya tu boleh bawak ke semangat nak keja.. amiinnn.. selamat hari raya smua.. smoga hari raya ni membawa keberkatan yang lebih pada kita dari tahun2 lepas.. :)

p/s : perut sakit.. huhu.. sebabnya lepas raya pun makan macam-macam.. tak abis-abis dia terkejut makan banyak hari raya haritu.. ;p

p/s 2 : jangan lupa puasa 6 ye bulan syawal ni.. tak puasa, rugi.. :)