Thursday, April 28, 2011

cupcake giftbox!

cuba tengok ni.. cute kan??!! this is my favourite craft blog.. bila2 terasa sangat kreatif dan terlebih rajin.. selalu melepak blog ni.. :)


Thursday, April 21, 2011

mintak obat..

makin lama tinggal kerja makin malas nak kerja..
penyakit apa tu? penyakit yang wujud sejak lama dahulu..
dann aku ada simptom2 tu skrang..
adakah mungkin sebab tak cukup masa jauh dari keja2 hakiki?
atau terlebih cukup?
agak2 bila la boleh rajin ni???


Friday, April 08, 2011

Liar Game ~ forgetting my own stress

sebelum saya lupa.. review dulu drama jepun ni.. aktiviti masa lapang dan lupakan stress saya : i've finished watching 2 seasons + 1 special final stage of LIAR GAME.. -akhirnya~

Format: Renzoku (~story more than 1 epi)
Genre: Psychological thriller
Broadcast : Fuji TV


"The story begins when an ordinary girl, Kanzaki Nao receives one hundred million yen and a video saying that she has chosen to take part in the liar game. The objective of the game is to steal another players money within the next 30 days. The winner of the game can receive the highest possible prize money of one hundred million yen while the losing player will have a debt of one hundred million yen.

Nao’s target was her former middle school teacher. He had tricked her into handing over her money to him. With the police unable to help her she found out that a genius swindler was going to be release from prison, Akiyama Shinichi. She then asked him for help. " -adapted somewhere.. credit to owner.

the story went on and on from 1st stage to 4th stage after that semifinal and final.. from 2007 (season 1) to season 2 (2009) and final stage ends june 2010. ~what a lonngggg drama.. and me finished in 1 week.. hheee~~

ok, live up the genre : psychological thriller.. sape2 yang pernah tengok dan suka cerita kurosagi (The Blck Swindler, hero: yamashita tomohisa ~kyaaaa!! (>.<)/) akan suka cerita ni.. honestly i think the story is for smart people and 'cepat tangkap' people.. hehe sebabnya for people-not-so-berbelit-one like me, the drama makes me dizzy several times.. not including pause-rewind-play events just to understand how the game works.. eventually i forgot my own stress as the reason i watch the movie..;p

personalily hero and heroin is like kutub utara dan selatan.. hero- sangat smart, bijak, putar belit, strategist yang sangat berpikiran panjang.. heroin plak- totally lurus bendul, honest tahap-pe-tah dan baik hati.. and you can guest the rest.. honesty and kindness will win the world..!! (padan muka orang jahat.. miahhhahhhaa ).. hmm no romance whatsoever in the movie but the chemistry between hero and heroin makes you want more for them.. :)

anyhow, the drama definately have addictive effect.. watch them, understand and intrigue..


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

secret garden..~~ whoaahh deabbakkk!!

ni nak cerita pasal drama korea lagi.. hehe.. tak boleh tahan nak cerita sebab cerita ni sangat saya suka.. 1 daripada yang paling best saya tengok.. siapa yang belum tengok, tengok la drama ni.. sebab plot cerita menarik, refreshing dan pelakon sangat la berjaya membawa watak.. (totally fall in love with Hyun Bin and ha ji won) dan scenary dia.. sangat cantik, especially at jejudo (pulau jeju) dan rumah hero..

this is from

Profile TV Show: Secret Garden

Date: November 13, 2010 - January 16, 2011


Kim Joo-Won (Hyun-Bin) is from a wealthy family, smart and good looking. He runs the luxurious Roel Department store, which his family owns. Oska (Yoon Sang-Hyun) is a popular singer around Asia, but he doesn't have musical talent. He is also a womanizer. Joo-Won and Oska are also cousins and highly competitive towards each other.

On a request by Oska, Joo-Won goes to pick up actress Park Chae-Rin from a shooting set. Joo-Won mistakes stunt woman Kil Ra-Lim (Ha Ji-Won) for Park Chae-Rin and takes stunt woman Ra-Lim to a hotel. Oska made the request in an attempt to prevent Park Chae-Rin from revealing their relationship to the press. At the hotel, Joo-Won discovers that the woman he picked is not actress Park Chae-Rim but a stunt woman. During this time, Joo-Won starts to experience strong feelings for the feisty stunt woman, even though she isn't his type. Joo-Won tried getting Ra-Lim out of his mind for Ra-Lim does not own a high status life nor is even rich.

Nevertheless, Joo-Won can't stop thinking about Ra-Lim. Later, Joo-Won sneaks into an action school to watch Ra-Lim. Meanwhile, Ra-Lim tries her best to ignore Joo-Won because she knew Joo-Wan belongs to another higher social level compared to her. Nevertheless, Ra-Lim can't help her blooming feelings towards Joo-Won.

Yeun-Sul (Kim Sa-Rang) and Oska are ex-lovers, but they can't seem to forget each other. Because Yeun-Sul had a high-living status, she was arranged to attend a blind date with Joo-Won. Even though Jo-Wan made it clear that he doesn't have interest in her, Yeun-Sul keep pursuing Joo-Won. Yeun-Sul knows Joo-Wan is Oska's cousins and wants to use Joo-Wan to get under Oska's skin. Yeun-Sul then manages to become the director for Oska's next music video.

The video shoot takes place on Jeju Island. Meanwhile, stunt woman Ra-Lim is a fan of Oska's music and wins a contest to go to Jeju Island with Oska himself. Ra-Lim also wanted to take part in Oska's music video. Joo-Won learns that Ra-Lim won the contest to spend time with Oska and decides to follow them to Jeju Island. On Jeju Island, the main participants all gather. While they were mountain biking, Ra-Lim somehow gets separated from Joo-Won and Oska. Joo-Won searched frantically over Ra-Lim's disappearance and went searching for her. Eventually, Joo-Won was able to save Ra-Lim but ended up stranded in a mysterious place called 'Secret Garden'.

Mysteriously, the owner of 'Secret Garden' seems to know Joo-Won and Ra-Lim very well. The owner presented two bottles of alcohol to Joo-Wan and Ra-Lim. They manage to get their way back to the hotel before night and went their separate ways. At night, Joo-Won and Ra-Lim face sleeping difficulties and took this time to clear their minds while having sips of their gifted alcohol individually. And a twist of intrigue took place in the plot when both Ra-Lim and Joo-Won switched souls!

p/s : saja amik sinopsis versi panjang sebabnya dah 2-3 hari abis tengok pun tekenang-kenang lagi akan hero dan heroin dia.. :) the great thing about this drama is, i can really sit down and watch peacefully through out the drama without trowing any bantal or slipper at tv-yang tak bersalah- sebab tension dengan schizophrenic antagonist yang menyakitkan hati.. dan ending dia, hmm how should i explain.. the kind thet ends with leaving you some sort of empty feeling only love can fill (?).. haha.. all great movie/ drama leaves you that kind of feeling.. anyhow the ending reminds me of King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu..~ full closer~..

Friday, April 01, 2011

Cara packing barang dengan smart & bijok

video ni mengingatkan saya supaya mem-packing barang dengan bijok dan berhemah.. :)