Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gyeongju : one day trip

Gyeongju: The capital of Silla Kingdom/ land of open museums/ museums with no roof (!)

tak sabar nak pegi Gyeongju.. one day trip.. dari busan jalan yang paling senang dan murah nak pegi gyeongju adalah naik bas.. derang (korean) kata tak sah kalau masa sekolah dulu tak buat lawatan kat sini.. :) Gyeongju ni zaman dolu2 macam Kerajaan Melayu Melaka.. Kerajaan Melayu Melaka, jajahannya luas - pusatnya kat Melaka.. Silla ni pulak pusatnya di Gyeongju..

seronok naik bas ni.. setiap kali naik bas, perasaannya berbeza.. terlebih excited.. hehe..

from seomyeon (where we stay) :
by busan metro : seomyeon (line 1) -->; napo-dong (line 1) - 15 stesen
fare : W1,300 (29min)

napo-dong bus station situated just next to the subway station.
fare to Gyeongju : W4000 (40min - 1hr)

napo-dong bus station.. bus timetable and price..

as soon as you out from bus station, you will find this tourist infomation centre.. the one in green there.. :) go get map and ask the lady bus number to go around gyeongju..

since this is one day trip : the places suggested by lady @ center are -
1. Bulguksa Temple
2. Gyeongju Folkcraft Village (Bulguksa and Folkcraft village situated quite far from town)
3. Anapji Pond
4. National Museum
5. All attraction places in town area

sebelum pape mari study peta..

all bus will announce the station they stop.. you have to listen carefully.. because the pronunciation is a little bit tricky.. to be safe, tell the bus driver to tell you when you arrive at Bulguksa Temple.. or follow the fellow traveler if happens they want to go to the same place as you..

this temple surrounded by beautiful garden..

entrance of bulguksa temple

autumn tree

Folkcraft Village.. wah it fun here.. if i got more money.. i think i will exceed my luggage limit just by the things from here.. we get here buy taxi .. W4000 maybe- can remember the exact fare.

really am admire with pottery here.. most of the kedai not allowing me to take picture inside their shop.. :(

back to town area.. we stop at Anapji Pond.. in front of anapji pond, jalannya lengang !! boleh baring kat jalan..

1. busan metro fare is more expensive than seoul
2. you can use T-money but you have to recharge/reload at seoul

continue part 2..

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