Monday, May 21, 2012

sageuk ~ the historical drama

done part 1 for no 1 to 6..
still in love with sageuk at the moment.. kind of obsessed already.. huhu..

1. deep rooted tree - 24 ep
2. worrior baek dong su - 29 ep
3. chuno - 24 ep
4. princess man - 24 ep
5. dong yi - 60 ep
6. the moon embraces the sun - 20 ep
7. dae jang geum - 54 ep
8. yi san - 77 ep
9. iljimae - 20 ep
10. strongest chil woo - 20 ep
11. queen seon duk - 62 ep

Dae Jang Geum
watched dae jang geum or nama glamernya Jewel in the Palace in 2003 or 2004.. -can't remember- but because of the love of Dong Yi.. i watched it again.. the drama is about life of jang geum, (dae means 'great')she started as a cook of royal kitchen in palace to a king's doctor.. i love the happy ending of the drama.. warning: do not watch with empty stomach, contain delicious food that will make you hungrier..

Yi San
yi san is son's of prince sado (appeared in deep rooted tree, worrior baek dong su) the longest episode among all.. also work of director of dong yi and dae jang guem.. the most i remember abut the drama is : yi san as a crown price with a killer smile.. (caiirrr, hihi)

iljimae also a must watch sageuk drama.. started with some sort of robin hood story.. steals from the rich and gives to the poor.. the plot evolve for something more worth watching.. fan of han hyo joo here - the heroine-

strongest chil woo
well the story certainly give a vibe of zorro, a hero with a black mask, cape , horse and all.. but with 2 other side kick.. not giving any love here.. but because of eric -love him since spy myong wol, still managed to finish it until end.

queen seon duk
here comes my addiction to queen seon duk.. this is my first pra-joseon drama i watched.. definitely give a new wind :) to my sageuk viewing..

promo poster : princes cheongmyeon, deokman/ queen seon duk, mishil, kim yusin
Mishil dan bala tenteranya
Deokman becoming Queen Seon Duk

Bidam ( insert love here)
Chunchu : anak sedara Queen Seon Duk - later King Munmu * did i mention i watched almost all of his acting:)*
Bidam again - can not help but love him
attracted to his coolness.. hehe - Alcheon rang
alcheon rang in make up - (why do hwarangs put make up sometimes?hwarangs put make up if there's some situation that they have to face death like wars, chaos or something.The use of putting a make up is to look presentable when they died,they believe they're facing Buddha after death, to show respect they have to look presentable that's why they're putting make up n signify they ready to fight to the death) -credit to writer
found cute Alcheon rang

tired yoo seung ho n umh tae woong
umm tae woong as kim yushin - got himself a tugu at namsan park (watched him in regular basis now in 2days 1night @ kbs) - *insert double love here*
no more ''yea chona..'' in here.. change to ''yea peha..'' hehe.. (maksudnya - iye tuanku).. all character are all based on real life history.. how much the plot diverse from original history i do not know.. but certainly do make me a quite of history reading of silla dynasty.. actually it was quite fun(?) to get to know your character well.. hehe..

Poster at Gyeongju * seonduk yeowang - raja perempuan seonduk*   - suddenly miss the place

thank you for reading..:)


Laila Hijrah said...

Hi! saya pun da kena penangan 'the historical drama'... dan ada beberapa drama yang awak senaraikan belum saya tonton... dan ia agak membantu saya. Terima kasih! da lihat Sungkyunkwan scandal? Song Jung Ki pun ada...:)
Best.. saya bagi 5bintang!

celine cute said...

hehe.. sila2 tengok mana yang belum.. :) sunkyunkwan scandal adalah drama korea yang paling banyak ulang tayangnya dalam rekod saya tengak cerita korea.. hehe.. siap ada review lagi.. ;p

celine cute said...
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