Tuesday, August 14, 2012

prepaid in korea ?!

lamanya tak mengadap blog kesayangan.. ada 3 bulan nih.. isk2.. well, disebabkan waktu terluang sibuk membuat research trip nak ke korea.. maka blog ini terbiar tanpa kasih sayang.. ni nak bagi sayang sikit la ni..

nak kongsi 1 menda ni.. hehe.. berita yang agak menggembirakan hati saya.. tengah cari2 macammana nak guna handphone kita ni bila nak melancong ke korea.. terjumpala forum ni.. tahun lepas saya bawak je smartphone yang ada ni, guna bila ada wifi free.. guna skype, whatapps nak call, sms segala.. selalunya dalam cafe2 yang ada wifi free.. masa nak order kopi tu tanyalah ''ada wifi x?'' kalau ada tanyalah password.. kebanyakkan derang memang berpassword.. tak pun balik hotel baru uruskan apa yang perlu..

anyway, yang gumbirakan hati jumpa yang ni.. ~ how to use your phone with prepaid sim at korea~ memandangkan bawak kawan2 ramai ni.. nanti hilang xde internet, phone mati ke susah plak ceritakann..

Here is what you will do when you arrive in Korea:

1. Take your phone to a KT Global Store, locations here:
Coming straight from Incheon International Airport, it's probably easiest to go to the "Gwanghwamun" store.
You can get there by taking the Airport Railway to "Gimpo Airport Station", then transferring to Line 5 (Purple Line) and getting off at "Gwanghwamun" Station, Exit 2.
The store is also one of our flagship stores, so it looks very nice

2. Present your iPhone and your passport, and ask to get a prepaid line activated.

Note: Korean phone systems work on a whitelist system, meaning that any phone unknown to the network is automatically disallowed from getting service. (Opposite of how the US works.) This means that until recently, phones not produced in Korea were unable to be activated on a Korean network. This all changed earlier this year, meaning you can indeed use your US bought iPhone in Korea, but the customer service rep will have to request to have your phone added to the network, which can take around 30-60 minutes, give or take, depending on how the network is.

3. Receive a SIM card (also called a USIM card, but they are the same thing). Once inserted into your phone, your phone will be activated with a prepaid number, good for up to 90 days.

4. Apply for Alien Registration

Since you said you will be in Korea for a year, you will have to apply for Alien Registry.

5. Once you get your Alien Registration Card ("ARC"), sometime within the 90 day period, visit one of the KT Global Stores and ask them to change over your account to the ARC, and also mention if you want to keep using a prepaid plan, or go with a postpaid plan.

6. ...Success!


Manager, Marketing Strategy Team

potam (cut and paste) dari sini
ok sekarang boleh pakai prepaid dah instead of renting smartphone kat sana..  lawat site mana2 operator yang berkenan..:)

apa2 pun nanti update camane prosesnya susah ke senang ok.. selamat memprepaidkan diri!!..

p/s: macamne ramadhan tahun ni.. kpi penuh??!  selamat berpuasa.. :)

** prepaid tryout

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